Sector Development Case Studies

Our work in strategic sector development assists public sector bodies and private sector organisations seeking more systemic improvements beyond those affecting individual businesses.

In 2018, we created the Africa Legal Tech Network in response to African lawyers and tech companies who are keen to develop technology and legal tech and participate in building links across the continent that will facilitate connections with law firms, investors and collaborations with counterparts in Africa and beyond. The ALT Network aims to stimulate creativity in legal technology entrepreneurship, connect lawyers with innovative methods and solutions and contribute to an enabling policy and regulatory environment across the continent. Join the conversation at

By 2013 Invest Northern Ireland had been very successful in attracting international inward investors into its legal sector but was concerned that local law firms were not yet sufficiently connected into the international legal market nor ready to serve their clients in other jurisdictions. We undertook a major study for Invest NI into the competitiveness and selling propositions of the Northern Irish legal cluster as a whole and worked with 20 law firms individually on their export potential.

Our client was one of Gulf’s most successful dispute resolution organisations.  It had invested heavily in state of the art systems, premises and personnel but needed to attract more business. We identified the businesses operating within the region who were most likely to be the future users of our client’s services and helped to create and engage with a panel of FTSE 100 general counsel in London. This not only helped our client to raise their profile but also established a strong group of net promoters amongst a group that tends to rely heavily on peer-to-peer recommendations.

Our client, a professional membership body in Australia, was undertaking a major governance review and wished to inform this review with information about best practice in comparator countries elsewhere in the world. We provided an in-depth study of governance in professional associations in the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada as well as in other states of Australia.

The World Bank published a study in January 2016 which suggested that South Africa could increase its GDP by up to 0.5 percentage points  by improving the functioning of its professional services markets. We were asked by our client, a foreign funding agency, to identify all of the issues for the professional and business services sector that had been flagged by international institutions, the South African government itself, the foreign investor community and the local private sector in recent years. We then designed a programme of potential cooperation projects, which also identified international public sector and professional services partners who would be willing and able to contribute to specialist technical assistance projects across the sector.

The International Bar Association (IBA) decided that it wanted to understand who had responsibility around the world for regulating the legal profession. Over six months we researched and verified the roles and contact details of hundreds of organisations involved in regulating the legal profession in over 170 countries. We were able from this information to produce a searchable online database hosted by the IBA which acts as a resource for lawyers seeking to work in other jurisdictions and as a contact database for regulatory authorities.