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This is a collection of articles, presentation slides, posts and longer publications that provide some insights into our thinking - the issues that interest us and the ideas we are keen to promote. In some cases, these were produced to meet specific client requirements and are available in full via links on client websites. You can search amongst these by date or by theme, read our short summaries or download the full articles.

The global impact of the Legal Services Act 2007
As we mark the 10th anniversary of the Legal Services Act, those of us who have been knocking around the international legal services scene since the mid-2000s can be forgiven a wry smile.
Brexit Advisory
Hook Tangaza is committed to providing valuable insight into issues that affect the global professional services industry. In the UK and Europe, the process and outcome of the Brexit negotiations...
Eyeing Africa
African and Indian law firms should explore collaborations to profit from growing trade relations, writes Nankunda Katangaza.
Engaging with Legal Tech in 2017
The UK has undoubtedly become a hub for the growing field of legal technology companies and products. It is evident that no matter how small or large the firm, lawyers need to be engaging with this...
Cybercrime - Why attack a law firm?
Research reveals that law firms are at increasing risk of cyber-attack, as are their clients. In fact, the threat is becoming so prevalent that cyber specialist practitioners envisage a time soon...