What we do

We work with ambitious law firms to create and implement business strategies that enhance their competitiveness nationally, regionally and internationally.

Our research and advice supports regulators, professional bodies and policymakers around the world to build more efficient and effective institutions and progressive legal services markets.

We are ideal partners for clients looking for creative solutions based on our deep understanding of the legal and professional services needs of communities, businesses and countries.

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  • Business Growth
  • Sector Development
  • Technical Assistance

We work with ambitious firms of all sizes from around the world to find and enhance their competitive edge. The services we provide in this area include:

International Business Strategy: Are you considering overseas markets for new growth opportunities? Whether to grow with your clients, to sell your unique expertise, or benefit from new business brought by inbound international clients, we can help you to develop and implement a strategy for growing your business internationally with a bespoke plan that takes into account your particular strengths, knowledge and capabilities.

Market Research: You may have specific questions about the opportunities for your services in other markets, what your target customers are interested in, what your competitors are doing, or which international businesses and investors are interested in your market and who they work with. We can provide you with the market research you need in order to inform your strategic decision making.

Client Optimisation: We can help you audit the work of your firm or department, understand your most profitable areas of activity and advise you on how to make the most of your existing customer base by identifying opportunities to cross-sell or improve services for existing clients.

Overseas Market Compliance: It is essential to know the regulatory and compliance requirements of new markets into which you may be considering expanding, or in which you are seeking partners. We can provide you with essential background research which will give you the confidence to make key business expansion decisions.

Networks (Audit/expansion): You may be thinking of joining an international network in order to service the international ambitions of your own clients. We can help you to select the best network to fit your firm’s profile and advise you how to get the most from it. We also help network organisations to expand their global footprint or diversify their makeup by identifying the best new potential members to target.


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Business Growth Case Studies

How we're helping our clients to compete, grow and thrive.

Successful professional services sectors thrive in enabling regulatory and business environments. Our work with public sector bodies and professional associations helps to build capacity and make systematic improvements to the professional services sector. Our services include:

Developing Professional Services Cluster: Building an effective cluster of professional services providers is essential for governments seeking to boost investment into their markets. We work with investment agencies and regulatory bodies advising on future policy and strategic direction to create the business environments necessary to make attractive markets.

Regulatory Review: We provide strategic policy advice on the design and implementation of regulatory frameworks that facilitate growth in the sector whilst maintaining the highest standards and responding to the challenges and opportunities arising in an increasingly globalised services environment.

Governance Review: More than ever, it is critical that regulatory bodies, professional associations and institutions ensure their governance and management structure is fit to deliver its strategic objectives and benchmarked against international best practice. We provide best practice information and benchmarking services to help our clients ensure that they have the governance structure and resources that are fit for purpose.

Strategy for Professional Bodies – Marketing Professional Accreditation: We will work with you to take your training standards global and grow your international membership. We can identify markets where your qualifications will make the biggest difference and where the demand is greatest.

Innovation: We work with organisations and firms at the cutting edge of their sectors, creating new tools and harnessing new technology to make their services more efficient for their clients. Ensuring their contribution to the overall depth and transformation of their sectors and guiding their international strategy is a key component of our work with these exciting ventures.


For further information or to discuss a potential sector development project, please contact Alison Hook

Sector Development Case Studies

Systemic improvements for public and private sector clients.

In an increasingly inter-dependent world, developing the framework within which professional services operate is critical. We work with national, regional and international governments and authorities to support their participation in intra-regional and global trade in services negotiations. Our services include:

Strategic Planning and Governance: We provide advice and support on regional and international positioning of services sectors through detailed analysis of service providers and other players in the sector, highlighting competitive strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for implementation of strategic sector development plans working with a range of national, regional and multi-national institutions.

Regional Integration and Negotiating Mutual Recognition Agreements: Bringing our extensive experience in the regulation of liberalised professional services markets, we advise on progressive policy development for regulatory bodies and professions in common markets or newly liberalising professions that are benchmarked against international best practice.

Trade Policy: We assist countries that are joining the WTO or participating in bilateral trade agreements in determining their negotiating positions and understanding and implementing the practical implications of their commitments.

Research: We provide information and in-depth research on regulation of professional services and on the impact of changing regulatory frameworks on different sectors around the world. Our research also informs governments seeking to develop new rules and regulations and seeking to benchmark and stress-test proposed rule changes.


For further information or to discuss a potential technical assistance project, please contact Alison Hook or Nankunda Katangaza

Technical Assistance Case Studies

Our work advising and supporting governments and regional bodies.