Brexit Advisory


Hook Tangaza is committed to providing valuable insight into issues that affect the global professional services industry. In the UK and Europe, the process and outcome of the Brexit negotiations will have an impact on the provision of professional services. On this page you will find information from Hook Tangaza, and others, pertaining to current and future implications of the UK’s exit from the European Union on the professional services industry in the UK and beyond. 

24/07/2017 - Brexit one year on - what next for the legal services sector?

What are the potential implications of a 'hard' Brexit on the UK's legal services sector? Read our summary here

Alison Hook represented Hook Tangaza giving evidence at the Parliamentary Justice Committee session on the implications of Brexit on the justice system, warning that the UK has 'limited hands to play with' to protect the UK legal services market in Brexit negotiations. Video coverage available here. 

The Parliamentary International Trade Committee has released our written evidence on the UK-EU Trade in Legal Service. Available here.  

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Alison Hook sits on the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales Brexit Working Group The Bar Council: The Bar Brexit Papers

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Alison Hook's article: Hard Choices for Trade in Legal services post Brexit 

The House of Commons International Trade Committee has released our written evidence on Trade in Services