Training the future lawyer


Training the future lawyer – are you SQE ready?

- A free guide for universities and law schools

The purpose of this guide

In 2018, the Solicitors Regulation Authority announced the proposed introduction of a new training and qualification regime for solicitors in England and Wales. This new regime is expected to come into force in Autumn 2021. This report is designed for universities and legal education providers interested in how the SQE might change the market and the new challenges and opportunities which could arise as a result.

What you get from this report

  • An overview of the changes to the system
  • Information about how the SQE will work
  • Insight into how the SQE could impact different legal education providers
  • Examples of potential new entrants to the market
  • A reflection on trends impacting the professional legal education market
  • An assessment of potential international demand
  • Tips to help get ready for the change
Future lawyer